Invest in your wellbeing!

You will walk away with:

  • A transformative relationship with your body and mind
  • Practical tools to use in everyday life to manage pain, deal with flares, sleep better, and manage stress.
  • Options of yoga poses in the chair, on the floor and even for lying in bed.
  • Practices that you can download and watch forever in yoga and mindfulness

This online course includes:

  1. Full weekly video yoga class with options on the floor or in a chair (mindfulness meditation included).

  2. Simple and fascinating video tidbits about the SCIENCE of WHY yoga & mindfulness work for arthritis & chronic pain.

  3. Yoga Snacks and Minute Meditations - practical videos less than 5 minutes to fit into your daily routine!

  4. Daily inspiration via email

  5. Journal reflection funsheets to help you apply what you learn. Ultimately, it is all about living your yoga and experiencing the transformation in your daily life!


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