Ann Swanson’s journey started after art school with a trip around the world--studying tai chi/qi gong in China and yoga, mindfulness, and massage in the Himalayas of India. She returned to the U.S. to study the science of the human body, ultimately teaching anatomy and assisting in a cadaver lab. She  combined her passions by earning a Master of Science Graduate Degree in Yoga Therapy. Ann specializes in working with arthritis, chronic pain, chronic stress and, balance. Currently, she is involved in training teachers, online courses, and teaching anatomy and physiology to wellness professionals. She also works one-on-one as a yoga therapist, mainly on Skype to help create an individualized practice. Ann makes mind/body practices more accessible for people who need extra attention, such as using a chair or wall for support.

She is based in Denver, CO and travels worldwide.

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